Mary O’Malley


My article sprouted up rather like the mollusks on her beautiful ceramic bowls.First, it was simple dazzlement over the crazy beauty of the dishes that she calls the “Bottom Feeders” Collection. Even before I stopped to consider their name, I was already wondering in the best sense of the word. Following my path of surprise and curiosity ultimately led to more delight as I discovered that this artist was not at all as I expected her to be, but a juxtaposition in herself.  READ MORE

January 28th, 2014

Scott Nelles


“As a boy growing up in SE lowe Michigan I was exposed to industry through my father, a manufacturer’s rep in the steel business. He would sometimes take me on tours of steel mills and foundries and I believe the heat and flame got into my blood.”  READ MORE

January 28th, 2014

Roundhouse Works


Through Roundhouse Works, Ted has expanded his idea of “the kind of birdhouse I, myself, would want to own” into an outdoor jewel of aesthetics, function and green construction using lovingly reclaimed materials.  READ MORE

January 28th, 2014

Mr. Finch


“My name is Finch – it’s actually my surname… Everyone calls me it and I like it. I’ve called my business Mister Finch so its clear from the start that I’m a man and one that sews. We are a bit thin on the ground but we are out there!”  READ MORE

January 28th, 2014

Ancient Art of Stone


Enhancing our connections with nature by getting outside, camping, hiking, gardening – many communities and individuals strive to strike a balance between our convenient manufactured existence and the living, breathing environment that surrounds us. Andreas Kunert and Naomi Zettl at Ancient Art of Stone help to integrate these seemingly at-odds environs by bringing nature to us, into our homes and offices, in a bold, organic way. And they do this as shamans and healers might, handling both stones and people with attunement, finesse and respect.  READ MORE

January 24th, 2014

Wilma Wyss


I must admit that I am ever fascinated with trompe l’oeil and the tension created by spinning materials into visual trickery. I was immediately captured by the “pillows” and flowing mosaic sculpture of artist, Wilma Wyss, not only for the twist in the materials but also the addition of personal touches and “collections” within each piece.  READ MORE

January 24th, 2014



This fall, I decided to take a trip under the sea.  I had seen videos of the incredibly complex installations of his ambitious architectural exhibits, which seem to have sprung up as naturally as stalactites and stalagmites from the ceilings and grounds of art museums and botanical gardens around the world.  READ MORE

January 24th, 2014

Luke Jerram


Faced with one of these sculptures, I’m reminded yet again about the miracles and surprising beauty inherent in life itself; a gorgeous dignity that’s never reserved only for one species but found in mankind’s friends and foes alike if we stop to look.  READ MORE


January 24th, 2014

Jorge de Rojas


I think I’ve discovered why I particularly love some of the historic and folksy Halloween artisans who pull from toys and jack o’lanterns and imaginary goblins but fill them with just enough dastardly expression to add a chill.   READ MORE

January 23rd, 2014

The Haunted Construction Company


Over 5 years ago, Tommy was laid off from his day job at a large electric company. With new found time on his hands and All Hallow’s Eve approaching, he took a cue from his architect brother-in-law and built himself a model home… with a serious terror twist.  READ MORE

January 23rd, 2014

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