Kate Dougharty


In which Katy shares her visual step-by-step process to creating intricate, layered stained glass paintings. READ MORE

January 24th, 2014

Wilma Wyss


I must admit that I am ever fascinated with trompe l’oeil and the tension created by spinning materials into visual trickery. I was immediately captured by the “pillows” and flowing mosaic sculpture of artist, Wilma Wyss, not only for the twist in the materials but also the addition of personal touches and “collections” within each piece.  READ MORE

January 24th, 2014



This fall, I decided to take a trip under the sea.  I had seen videos of the incredibly complex installations of his ambitious architectural exhibits, which seem to have sprung up as naturally as stalactites and stalagmites from the ceilings and grounds of art museums and botanical gardens around the world.  READ MORE

January 24th, 2014

Loy Allen


“The subject matter, flowers, are by their very nature about reproduction. Stylistically, I want to express the flow of the natural line, the sensuality of the flower, the ripeness of the fruit or the vegetable. Those are the feminine qualities that I think define my work.”  READ MORE

January 24th, 2014

Blaschka Glass


In the late 1800‘s, the father and son team of Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka created an astonishingly large collection of over 3000 floral and invertebrate scientific models – learning tools that were, in many ways, even more fragile than their living counterparts, as they were made entirely of glass.  READ MORE

January 24th, 2014

Luke Jerram


Faced with one of these sculptures, I’m reminded yet again about the miracles and surprising beauty inherent in life itself; a gorgeous dignity that’s never reserved only for one species but found in mankind’s friends and foes alike if we stop to look.  READ MORE


January 24th, 2014

Water Pressure Lighting


Evelyn Hutter, an interior designer, and her husband, Arthur Malfitano, a contractor/carpenter, challenged themselves to bring the aesthetic of falling water to a light fixture. READ MORE

January 23rd, 2014

Judith Schaechter

The Floor


Viewing her panels from a distance, one might think she has resurrected a Medieval window and reinterpreted it in a gesture toward modern Gothicism. But upon closer inspection, these figures do not have the pious, expressionless faces of the saints and Biblical characters that became familiar to us as we lost interest in the sermon and drifted instead toward the light coming through the church windows.  READ MORE

June 7th, 2013

Shelley Muzylowski Allen



Created using the same process as blown vessels, but pushed and pulled into sinewy muscles, expressive eyes and flaring nostrils, Shelley Muzylowski Allen’s creatures hold energy and vitality as simpler items might hold water. They capture light, forming rich colors and depths amongst the layers of glass, all serving to give her animals an otherworldly glow that seems only intensified by their environments and by the textures she so carefully weaves into many of the pieces.  READ MORE

June 7th, 2013