The Farmery


One of our favorite blogs, UrbanGardens, recently showcased The Farmery, a new KickStarter project prototyping small, modular farm/retail store combinations meant to allow urban customers access to both fresh pick-your-own produce and local artisan farmer’s products, all in one accessible, well-designed greenhouse.  READ MORE

January 24th, 2014

VooDoo Donut


Fried dough, frosting & sweet irreverence – Cat Daddy had long envisioned opening a voodoo-themed eatery in Portland and after meeting Tres, the pair began to brainstorm ideas. READ MORE

January 23rd, 2014

Timbercreek Organics


“What we grew up understanding to be ‘farming’ meant large-scale operations, but that’s an anomaly in over 4,000 years of recorded agriculture,” said Zach Miller of Timbercreek Organics, a small farm located just outside of Charlottesville, Virginia… READ MORE

November 19th, 2013

Diamonds of the Kitchen


February being the month when we indulge our loved ones, as well as ourselves, with generous, heart-warming gifts, what better time to explore and contrast one of the planet’s most luxurious and coveted foods with one of its arguably most beloved. For that, we researched both kinds of Truffles – chocolate and fungi – and present them here with online resources to enjoy BOTH taste sensations in a Valentine’s Day blissful meal. READ MORE

November 19th, 2013

Scott Beattie



Scott Beattie’s libations are so compellingly beautiful to look at, I’m not sure if I would drink them or use them for décor in sunlit windowsills around my home.  Well, OK.  I would drink them.  READ MORE

June 27th, 2013

Giancarlo Fine European Pastries



I’ve wanted to interview this unassuming, yet confident and creative Italian gentleman for some time – for 5 years in fact, ever since I stumbled onto his business via the internet while researching, of all things, interesting garages in Virginia. Giancarlo Gnali, along with his wife, Jane, had begun a European pastry business right in their own backyard.  READ MORE

June 27th, 2013

Edible Landscaping

cherry white gold_DSC0278


Going beyond the annual vegetable garden, Michael McKonkey, owner of Edible Landscaping, supplies the ingredients to create a work of abundance in your own corner of Paradise, artistically and knowledgeably.  READ MORE

June 26th, 2013

Outstanding in the Field

3264_71817987242_60658367242_1583916_818100_n  08_IMG_8052


This month, Artizen stumbled up a phenomenon that summarizes so much of what the magazine is about. Outstanding in the Field, a “happening” of food, farm and community,  is the expanding brainchild of artist, chef and surfer, Jim Denevan. In 10 years, Outstanding has grown into a world-wide celebration of local artisan food, run by a core team from 6 US cities and occasional folks from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Italy. READ MORE

June 26th, 2013

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams



Cayenne in chocolate ice cream. Yes, I know that some chocoholics are familiar with a bit of chili mixed in on occasion, but I’m betting this is not on too many “flavor boards” at your local ice cream shops yet. In fact, I’m going to bet that you won’t find many of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream flavors anywhere outside of Jeni’s! READ MORE

June 26th, 2013

Devils Backbone Brewery



I don’t usually start the morning off with a chilled glass of beer, but when 2010 Brewers Association World Cup Champion Brewmaster Jason Oliver handed me a generous sample of fresh Summer Haze, how could I resist?  READ MORE

June 26th, 2013




The fisherman’s experience has never been an easy one, but in recent times it’s a way of life that’s facing challenges the size of Moby Dick.  In a story that directly parallels the land-based plight of the family farmer, the fisherman with a few small boats, a local crew, and an intimate knowledge of his waters is now struggling to survive amidst an ocean of large-scale commercial fisheries… READ MORE

June 26th, 2013

Beer & Cheese Pairings



Artisan cheese is indeed a beautiful food eaten by itself.  A cheese that has been made with high quality milk by a highly skilled cheesemaker will offer, all alone, amazing flavors.  A cheese may be as straightforward in its flavors as a milky rich ricotta or as complex as an aged clothbound cheddar with savory, earthy notes. Either way – absolutely  fantastic when eaten alone.

But, as true with relationships, exciting things happen when you bring in other elements to pair with your cheese. READ MORE

June 25th, 2013

Canton Tea Company




Jennifer Wood is on a mission. Her company – Canton Tea Co – imports fine, whole leaf Chinese teas into the UK, and Jennifer wants to significantly improve the quality of the daily cuppas that keep millions of Britons going every day. “The tea bag industry is an horrific, mass produced, low paid operation,” she states with both conviction and disdain. “Think of how much you’re paying for your tea bags, then imagine how much the picker is getting paid.”

We’re sitting in the rain-pelted conservatory cafe at Petersham Nurseries, in South London. The restaurant is frequented by the rich and famous and has won many awards for Skye Gyngell’s imaginative, seasonal cooking. Jennifer supplies the cafe with its tea and runs regular tea tasting workshops there.   READ MORE

June 10th, 2013

Cowgirl Creamery




In the year 1997, between the walls of an old renovated barn in Marin County, CA, a creamery was conceived. Mothers, Sue Conley and Peggy Smith, were proud parents of this newborn operation in their hometown of Point Reyes Station, California. These ladies were full of “foodie” genes way before getting together to create Cowgirl Creamery, what would grow to become an award winning artisan cheesemaking operation sourcing organic milk from local family farms all around Marin. Both Peggy and Sue had roots as chefs in the Farm to Table restaurant movement of the 70’s/80’s, centered around Berkeley, CA. Years of hard work and dedicated training in and around numerous San Francisco area hotel and restaurant kitchens had prepared them solidly as chefs before “cheesemaker” was even a twinkle in their eyes.  READ MORE

June 10th, 2013

William Curley, Chocolatier



William Curley is leading a revolution in London. The Scottish pastry chef might not be the first artisan chocolatier in the Capital, but for the last three years he has been awarded Best UK Chocolatier by the Academy of Chocolate. In 2004, he opened his first shop in partnership with his wife Suzue, a Japanese pastry chef. Last year, they opened a second shop in Belgravia, an exclusive area of London.  READ MORE

June 10th, 2013

l’heure verte – absinthe is back



What we now refer to as “Happy Hour” was dubbed “l’heure verte” (“the green hour”) in the bars, cafes and cabarets of mid 19th-century Europe, a testament to the popularity of the emerald star of the bohemian-era drinking circuit. Absinthe was the beverage of choice for poets, authors and artists of the day – who touted the virtues of the Green Fairy and featured it prominently in their work, such as Degas’ L’Absinthe, and Manet’s The Absinthe Drinker. Many of Van Gogh’s paintings use the same hues one observes in the drink, often depicting the bar in which he consumed countless glasses along with Toulouse Lautrec – whose friend Oscar Wilde once wrote, “Absinthe has a wonderful color green. A glass of absinthe is as poetical as anything in the world.”  READ MORE

June 7th, 2013