Amazing writers, photographers and artists themselves contribute each month to Artizen. Learn more about them here:


BETH GOLDEN is a Virginia-based writer, designer and marketing guru as well as a great admirer of artisans in general. She’s a frequent contributor to Artizen and really enjoys conducting interviews with creative people.

STEVEN PIERCE is a freelance food writer and editor of the food blog Adventures of a Foodie. He lives in London, England and graduated in Journalism. Steven spends most of his time thinking about food, and likes to travel round London discovering new food shops, festivals and markets. Read more from Steven


MERYL GOLDSTEIN is freelance writer, student in art history and studio art at the university of virginia and a new intern with Artizen Magazine. She grew up drawing and painting and has dabbled in everything from photography to jewelry making to poetry to music. We welcome her wonderful writing with open arms and look for her contributions as well to our social media posts.


MICHAEL HELANDER shares her passion for recycled design, arts and crafts via the Blue Velvet Chair blog which serves as a platform to showcase unique repurposed, recycled and upcycled projects from others as well as herself. She is a ‘love immigrant’, born in the U.S. but transplanted to Sweden after meeting her husband at the Gothenburg train station 11 years ago while travelling. Find more recycled art inspiration at


NATHAN MANCINI is a freelance food writer and long-time connoisseur of fine cheeses, having worked closely with cheesemakers to present the very best to customers of several establishments. He’s presently sharing his knowledge behind the cheese counter of the Charlottesville Whole Foods Market while adjusting to his fairly recent move to the area. Virginia cheesemakers get in touch!

Sophie CouchSM

ANNETTE COUCH-JAREB, aka Sofie Couch, can most often be found writing young adult paranormal fiction, except when she’s “raising a para-normal young adult,” or when she’s writing a non-fiction article for a fabulous e-zine! Or when she’s outside planting her new edible landscaping. In between times, she can be found at or for a laugh at her expense, you can visit


MARY DONOVAN is a student at the University of Virginia studying French and Philosophy. She has had a passion for writing her whole life including poetry, creative writing and journalism. After spending the summer blogging for the Provisions Library in DC, she now works on Artizen’s blog.


For more than twenty years KEVIN FOSTER O’DONNELL has worked in the retail industry to champion cutting edge design, carefully integrated architecture and innovative use of materials and construction methods. Through his design and consulting firm, thread collaborative, he uses sustainable design to craft compelling customer experiences.

ROBIN HORTON is the publisher of Urban Gardens (, a green blog that explores innovative and eco-friendly designs, and ideas for the stylish urban garden. When she isn’t blogging, Robin is a creative catalyst: Principal and Creative Director of Robin Horton Design (, a communications design company specializing in print and web solutions. She is also co-facilitator of the The Creative Blogging Workshop (

PETER LOCKWOOD has a master’s degree in Software Systems Engineering from George Mason University and a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the College of William and Mary. He is the Technical Lead for the Source Code Analysis Team at a government agency. The flip side of his analytical brain harbors a lifelong abiding passion for travel and photography. We twisted his arm to start sharing some of his photography work rather than wait for that to be his “retirement career.”

MARK C. HARVEY is a graphic designer, photographer, and self-publishing artist living in Los Angeles. He also teaches graphic design at Pasadena City College. While having an eclectic connection to many urban art forms, pop culture, film, photography and avant garde book production, he’s admired and immersed himself in street artists for some time. He contributed our piece on graffiti artist, Estria. (

STUART GUNTER plays drums and paints alongside writing about Virginia musicians, artists and wineries. He lives in Schuyler with his beautiful wife and two children, four chickens, a dog, two cats, and roughly 10,000 bees. He loves the artisans that seem to gravitate to the region all around his home.


JAKE VON SLATT: “‘Maker’ describes what I do and ‘Steampunk’ describes the style in which I most commonly work.  Thus calling me a Steampunk Maker is roughly equivalent to calling someone a ‘Jazz’ ‘musician.’”

“Being a Maker is sort of like being an artist, but I have no training in the arts. It’s also sort of like being a craftsman, but I don’t make things for sale – though other Makers do. Tinkerer is also a good colloquial description of what I am and what I do.  I make things for the shear joy of creation. I also really enjoy sharing the things I make and the tools and techniques I use with other people.” (